Combat Pet Skin Conditions

Combat Pet Skin Conditions Skin Allergies & Hot Spots

Most pets suffer from some sort of skin condition. Even veterinarians are at a loss when it comes to treating skin allergies and “hot spots” and many acknowledge the severity of this ailment. Treating with cortisone or changing to another flavour of processed food will not solve the problem. Skin
Getting rid of Fleas

Getting rid of Fleas | QueerlifeZA Pets

The other 95% of fleas are living in your house or yard. That is why it is so important to get rid of the fleas in your house and on your dog at the same time. For example: You wash your dog in a flea rinse today and you kill
Don't Feed Pets This...

Don’t Feed Pets This…

As pet owners we often like to share with our pet all of the things that we ourselves enjoy in life, including food. However, there are a couple of reasons that you should always be very careful when considering introducing special treats to your pet. The first reason is that