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Hyundai IONIQ 6 Electrified Streamliner
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The all-new IONIQ 6 from Hyundai

The all-new IONIQ 6 is the silhouette of the new era of electric mobility, sleek and unmistakably unique. Its sleeker design and mindful cocoon-like interior have been created to provide you with a personalised and adaptable space that is redefining the in-car experience.

The interior space of the IONIQ 6 was designed in tandem with the exterior form from the start. This integrated approach to car design is unconventional, but it has produced an exceptional result: a cocoon-like cabin that allows passengers to freely enjoy in-car life. The interior space has been maximised by stretching it at the front and back, resulting in the distinctive streamliner silhouette and spacious interior.

The IONIQ 6’s clean, rounded lines and streamlined design exude elegant simplicity. The sweeping curves and smooth lines, both aerodynamic and emotional, pay homage to the iconic streamlined vehicles of the 1920s and 1930s, reimagined for today’s sustainable mobility.

The name is self-explanatory. We were very clear about one thing when we unveiled the “Prophecy” Concept EV in 2020. Rather than being a pure concept, the name refers to the fact that this vehicle serves as a test bed for ideas and features that will eventually make their way into production vehicles. And now, two years later, IONIQ 6 has fulfilled that prophecy.

This all-electric four-door sedan is a game changer, elegantly combining amazing performance with an astounding array of smart tech and delivering a driving range of up to 614 km. It was designed to take you further, with faster charging and a sleeker design.

IONIQ 6 has been designed to take you further – with faster charging and more range – thanks to an incredible array of smart technology and innovative electric vehicle systems.

Throughout IONIQ 6, the designers used a lot of sustainable materials. On the outside, recycled pigment paint from used tires and bamboo charcoal pigment paint are used. The interior features eco-process leather, recycled PET fabric, and recycled fishing net carpet, as well as raw sugar cane materials.

The IONIQ 6 is built to the highest quality standards, as is every Hyundai. And we back that up with a 5-Year Unlimited Mileage Warranty, so you can enjoy the things you love without worrying about your car. Enjoy the extra peace of mind that comes standard with one of the industry’s best warranties.

The new Hyundai Ioniq 6 goes into production in South Korea from the third quarter of 2022. South African availability has yet to be confirmed.


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