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There is a new dick in town
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There is a new dick in town!

Mehmet Vefa Dag , President of the Truth and Solidarity Movement Party is here to save the children, hallelujah. He is here to take the road back from the Devil Alliance, which he obviously believes the gay community to be.

Meh Meh describes himself  on Linkedin :

I have dynamic personality, and I enjoy being in continuous contacts with clients. During my average workday I handle more than 100 phone calls from stockholders, and answer dozens of emails. I am quite flexible and I easily adapt to the new environments, as I find this quite challenging. I am goal oriented person who respects envisaged deadlines, quite well organized and always up to schedule. Challenging opportunities I find motivational to work long hours if needed to complete delegated tasks.”

Meh Meh, a toilet paper wholesaler believes that this beautifully painted road in Green Point, Cape Town, is  sh*t.

The newly painted bridge is complemented by a pink strip painted on the sidewalks that serves as a Pink Route, guiding visitors and tourists through the LGBTQIA+ area and beyond. We love our rainbow strip.

On the 9th June Meh Meh posted a tweet, see below, about being the saviour that has been sent to save the children from a painted road.


Some positive, humanitarian tweets from Meh Meh:


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