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Out and Proud – eVod

OUTtv is now streaming in South Africa. OUTtv Proud, the popular channel dedicated to  diverse and inclusive storytelling, is now available on eVOD. OUTtv Proud is proud (pun  intended) to announce its exciting new home on the popular eVOD streaming platform. eVOD users can now see the popular and colourful OUT tv content at no extra cost. 

After captivating audiences on Ultraview, OUTtv Proud is taking its critically acclaimed slate  of content to the ever-growing world of streaming. eVOD viewers can now enjoy a wide  range of colourful programming, from captivating dramas and comedies to thought provoking documentaries and reality shows on South Africa’s first FAST channel. 

“OUTtv Proud is already highly popular in the United, States, Canada, Australia and the  United Kingdom and we look forward to building on that success in South Africa,” said Brad  Danks, CEO of OUTtv. “South Africa has a rich, dynamic and vibrant LGBTQ+ community and  we are excited to partner with eMedia to bring the world’s best LGBTQ+ TV series, movies  and documentaries to them,” 

Don’t miss OUT! Catch OUTtv Proud on eVOD. 

OUTtv will be coming off the subscription Ultraview platform on Openview at the end of  April. Now anyone can access diverse content on eVOD. 

About OUTtv Proud 

OUTtv Proud is a premium channel dedicated to diverse and inclusive storytelling. The  channel features a wide range of LGBTQIA+ programming, from captivating dramas and  comedies to thought-provoking documentaries and reality shows. OUTtv Proud is  committed to providing high-quality entertainment that celebrates the LGBTQIA+  community. 

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